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About Us

We uplift brands and people to embrace diversity through trial.

We take risks, do everything with passion, and learn.


We move consumers closer to brands and retailers by addressing their five senses with the Uptaster machines.

Meet The Founders

Advisory Committee

Our ESG Committment


We have a very low energy consumption because of the lights-out policy at night and small square footage.

We inherently reduce waste by applying a pay-per-click business model, therefore, putting pressure on our company to manage production adequately because we are not paid by our clients for waste.

We use 99% renewable energy for production like everyone in Québec.

We deliver with a hybrid vehicle.


We also are constantly researching new ways to execute bite-size packaging at the least expense to our planet. We now re-package food in recyclable packaging PET. And we are in constant communication with makers of plastic replacements to head toward compostable packaging for all our products.


We have company-wide celebrations 4 times per year.

What is a celebration for us? Any activity that allows us to give back to our community.

Our team finds a cause they like and we spend 4 hours closed to business and open to our community, celebrating by giving back.


We have an advisory board that respects the rules of parity between the number of female and male members, The board also represents diversity in many other forms, including age, religion, ethnicity, etc.

Our Partners

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