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Pasquier & Uptaste

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Pasquier and Uptaste are super excited to be bringing tastings back to you via an automated and safe tasting machine, called the "Uptaster" starting today at Pasquier Delson!

Super Easy!

The Uptaster is super easy to use as all you have to do is double-click to receive your free tasting. You’ll also receive product information regarding the weeks tasting via the integrated television. After you’re done enjoying the product and decide you would like to purchase, no problem, the Uptaster has built in LED shelving that the product can be found on.

New Products Each Week

Each week new products will be introduced into the Uptaster for you to try. The Uptaster is planned to be at the Pasquier Delson store for the next 52 weeks, so do not hesitate to comment below which products you would like to see included to try next!


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